Stone Basins Designed to Last

Stone Basins Designed to Last

Natural stone marble washbasins are a unique and attractive addition to any bathroom atmosphere. Dharajyot Stone Art sculpts these wash basins from natural stone boulders. These black stones are extracted from grind mining making each basin unique in appearance and its texture. The natural characterization of the stone makes every piece a one-of-a-kind creation of art.  Each piece tells its own story of sculpting it from a rough stone to a beautiful basin through its discreet patterns and hues, adding a sophisticated and exclusive touch to any ambiance.


The process starts with the careful extracting of the stone boulders from mining sites. These boulders are the ideal ones that are chosen for their durability and unique characteristics. After selection, the boulders are carefully carved and sculpted by our team of artisans at Dharajyot. Process of crafting and sculpting concludes the beauty of the natural stone, converting it into a stunning wash basin from a stone boulder. At Dharajyot, we take utmost care to preserve the essence of natural stone ensuring that each wash basin maintains the unique charm of the raw material. We do have modern and trending bathroom stone sinks for bathrooms.



One of the outstanding features of these natural stones is their durability. Unlike synthetic and man-made materials, natural stones are exotically sturdy and can withstand daily use without any signs of wear and tear which makes it a practical option for busy washrooms. Built to last, these wash basins are sturdy and visually striking, ensuring a forever family member because we envisioned it to sculpt it with longevity in mind.

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