Collection: Stone Jharokha


Jharokhas are traditional architectural elements that add an air of charm and elegance to windows and facades, such as made of sandstone. Crafted by expert artisans using these decorative pieces serve both functional and esthetic purposes; whether used individually as standalone accent pieces or integrated into window designs they bring heritage beauty and charm. Let's discover their beauty, benefits and availability through wholesale manufacturers as we look at these traditional elements of beauty!

Sandstone Jharokhas

Jharokhas are elegant window enclosures made of durable sandstone that capture India's diverse cultural history through intricate stone carving designs and delicate details, often found in Rajasthani architecture. While traditionally found within homes and palaces located within Rajasthani architecture, ornate window enclosures also add an air of royal grandeur when combined with homes built within contemporary settings or temples alike. Crafted by hand to add both beauty and functionality to homes, palaces, or temples alike - providing ventilation while simultaneously adding privacy while offering privacy / security as well. Sandstone jharokhas can work seamlessly within both traditional and contemporary spaces alike!

Jharokha Online for Windows

Finding a window jharokha online shopping makes finding just the right jharokha easier than ever! DharaJyot Stone Art gives customers access to an abundance of styles and designs without leaving home. Simply explore through all your choices - be they simple designs that complement any decor style, more elaborate ones with intricate carvings, budget friendly options or those more elaborate that add heritage flair! With just a few clicks you could discover that perfect piece to accentuate windows while adding charm and history into any home!

Jharokha Wholesale

DharaJyot Stone Art, as wholesalers of jharokhas, by purchasing directly from us in bulk quantities, you can benefit from significant cost savings without compromising on quality or craftsmanship. Our jharokhas are meticulously hand-crafted using only premium materials like sandstone to ensure durability and longevity for years of enjoyment - perfect additions for residential, commercial or institutional projects alike! Our wholesale jharokhas add a sense of elegance and heritage into any space they inhabit!

Jharokha Manufacturer

With years of industry experience and skilled artisans on staff, we, DharaJyot Stone Art, are leading manufacturers of jharokhas. From traditional designs to custom creations and everything in between - whether simple and understated or ornate designs are desired - our team can bring them all into existence with care and precision.

Customization Options Available.

At DharaJyot Stone Art, we understand each project is special - that's why we provide customization options for our jharokhas! No matter if it's size, design or finish that's desired - our team works closely with you to produce pieces tailored specifically to meet them - whether intricate carvings to personalized motifs and more, each jharokha we create becomes a masterpiece of artistry and elegance!

Sandstone jharokhas are timeless, elegant ways to bring heritage into any space and enhance window appeal, perfect for adding character. Their intricate designs, durable construction, rich cultural significance and decorative charm add character and warmth. Experience their grace first-hand at DharaJyot Stone Art; your trusted source for premium-grade jharokhas.