Collection: Bathroom & Kitchen Stone Sinks

Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks (also referred to as lavatories or basins) are essential fixtures in bathrooms used for washing hands and faces. Coming in various styles and materials options, bathroom sinks play an essential part in both functionality and aesthetics of any bathroom space.

There are many common materials used for bathroom sinks including ceramic, porcelain, glass, metal and natural stones like marble and granite. We have various sink designs like, countertop basins, undermount sinks, wall-mounted or pedestal options being popular options to suit different bathroom layouts or individual preferences.

Bathroom sinks and marble washbasins come in various forms, from round, oval, square and rectangular styles for maximum design flexibility. 

Granite Kitchen Sink

Granite kitchen sinks are beautiful fixtures crafted from natural granite stone, known for its strength, resistance to scratches, stains and heat as well as their visual appeal. We have granite kitchen sinks in various styles and configurations to meet a range of design preferences. Options available to consumers may include undermount, top mount and farmhouse styles that provide their own distinct aesthetic and functionality. 

Granite in itself add elegance and sophistication to your kitchen space due to its natural beauty and adaptability quality. With various colors and finishes available, we are able to match different kitchen styles.

Stone Sink

A stone sink, commonly referred to as a natural stone or vessel sink, is an eye-catching piece used in bathrooms and kitchens alike. We at DharaJyot Stone Art in India, have crafted these sinks from various natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine or onyx - each type adds unique beauty in terms of patterns, colors and textures that give each sink its distinct character.

We have stone sinks in various styles, shapes, and sizes that range from traditional round or oval vessels to more angular and contemporary designs. DharaJyot Stone Art is one of the best manufacturers of kitchen sinks and bathroom wash basins in India.

Black Granite Kitchen Sink

Black granite kitchen sinks offer both style and utility in any kitchen environment, being made of natural granite stone they boast impressive durability as well as contemporary appeal in terms of their sleek black color and resistance to scratches and heat.

Black granite adds an eye-catching modern and minimalist aesthetic to a kitchen, making it a popular choice. Its smooth and polished surface not only enhances visual appeal but is also easy to keep clean; plus the dark hue helps mask stains or water spots for an all-in-one low maintenance solution.

Marble Bathroom Sink

Marble bathroom sinks have luxurious fixtures that are crafted from natural marble which showcases its exquisite veining patterns and textures - ideal for showing off its unique beauty within.

One of the hallmarks of marble sinks is their timeless beauty and grace. Marble has long been prized as an aesthetic accent that elevates any design space; therefore it makes an excellent focal point in bathrooms across time and spaces alike. 

We, at DharaJyot Stone Art. has a wide variety of marble bathroom sinks come with various installation types, such as countertop basins, undermount sinks and pedestal sinks. Your selection will depend on personal aesthetic preferences and overall bathroom design requirements - for instance countertop basins showcase marble's beauty while undermount sinks blend in seamlessly to the counter top surface for seamless integration. So it goes with individual preference, choice and needs.

Hand Wash Sink

Hand wash sink, also known as hand basin in our regular language. We have a lot of hand wash basins in different shapes and sizes to enhance the decor of bathrooms. We also make the wash sinks looking as per our customers specific requirements. We are the manufacturers and suppliers of hand wash basins, granite kitchen sinks, marble hand basins and a lot more. So we always try to beautifully design the marble and give shape to the decor in the form of wash basins, fountains, and a lot more.

Natural Stone Sink Supplier In India

At DharaJyot Stone Art, we specialize in high-quality sinks crafted with natural stones such as marble, granite, limestone travertine and onyx to produce premium sinks of superior craftsmanship and design. Color, patterns and textures set our sinks apart, adding unique flair to any bathroom or kitchen space. From elegant farmhouse sinks to sleek vessel-style basins - there's sure to be one suitable for every aesthetic taste and project requirement in our selection! Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, which is why every natural stone basin from us meets stringent quality control measures for craftsmanship, durability, aesthetic appeal and functionality - giving homeowners, designers and contractors quality products to enhance their space.

Bathroom and Kitchen Stone Sink Manufacturer In India

At DharaJyot Stone Art, we pride ourselves on producing superior bathroom and kitchen sinks made out of stone that feature exquisite designs combining exquisite aesthetics with highest functionality levels. Our skilled artisans handcraft each stone sink from exquisite materials like marbles, granites, travertines and onyxs for stunning focal pieces in any kitchen or bathroom. Our selection includes timeless contemporary classic styles. These products are carefully tailored to suit the demands and aesthetic preferences of various projects and design preferences, using modern facilities and our dedication to excellence, we ensure each sink is made precisely and with attention paid to every detail - providing homeowners, designers, contractors and architects alike with stunning products to enhance their living environments.