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Slate Stone

Slate stone is an igneous metamorphic rock with fine grain that features smooth textures and vibrant layers, distinguishable by their smooth textures and rich hues. Contained within this rock are compressing clays and shales over millions of years which allows it to maintain high durability and weather resistance - an asset for indoor as well as outdoor applications alike. Slate also boasts natural cleftings adding rustic elegance into any environment and is commonly utilized as flooring, roofing or wall cladding material.

Natural Slate Stone

Natural slate stones offer timeless beauty, durability, and versatility. Quarried from natural deposits, each slate stone boasts unique colors, textures, patterns, and characteristics; adding character and warmth with their smooth surfaces and natural cleft textures; they make natural slate stones popular choices for exterior as well as interior applications including landscaping projects, flooring installation projects, wall covering projects and roof replacement projects while increasing property values and aesthetic appeals alike.

Slate Stone Manufacturer In India

As one of the foremost manufacturers of slate products in India, our focus lies in creating high-quality materials with exceptional durability and craftsmanship. With modern facilities and experienced artisans on staff, we source only high-grade slate from reliable sources before using cutting techniques that create products of lasting beauty and lasting strength. At DharaJyot Stone Art, we offer an assortment of slate stone products tailored specifically for your project needs; with dedication to customer satisfaction as part of our service approach. Architects, contractors and homeowners who require superior-grade slate often turn to us.

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