Collection: Pebbles Stones

Pebble Stone For Garden

Pebble stone for gardens is an increasingly popular landscape material used to add decorative features, pathways and borders within garden landscapes. These small, round stones come in various sizes and colors for added visual interest outdoors while adding natural organic textures into outdoor spaces. Plus they require low maintenance costs making these versatile stones great additions for improving garden beds, ponds or other garden features!

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are natural stones that have been polished or tumbled to achieve a round, even surface, leaving each with unique patterns and textures. Tumbled stones can be used in landscaping projects, decorative features or gardens for an added splash of natural charm and beauty in outdoor spaces.

Color Natural Pebble Stone

Color natural pebble stones are natural stones that have been tumbled and polished to enhance their colors and appearance, from earthy hues such as browns and grays, through vibrant reds, blues, and greens to earthier shades like brown. Color natural pebble stones are commonly used decoratively in gardens, landscaping projects or interior design applications to add pops of texture and colour - perfect for adding visual interest and personality in any environment!

White Garden Pebbles

White garden pebbles are small smooth stones in an eye-catching white hue that provide contrast and brightness in garden landscapes. Used frequently as visual focal points or pathways within gardens to add clean elegance, these versatile stones provide low maintenance solutions while lasting landscape solutions for modern to traditional garden styles alike.

Pebble Floor

Pebble floors are flooring surfaces composed of smooth pebble stones set into concrete, resin or grout for ease of installation and long term wear and tear resistance. Commonly found in bathrooms and outdoor patio areas for their unique natural aesthetic and slip resistance features; pebbles massage the feet while offering tactile sensory experiences, making pebble floors popular choices in spa-like environments or living areas alike. DharaJyot Stone Art is a leading wholesaler, manufacturer and supplier of pebble flooring all over India and you can get a large variety of colors and pebble for your selection.

Cobble Stones

Cobble stones are small rounded pebbles typically composed of natural materials like granite, limestone or basalt that are commonly used as paver material on outdoor surfaces like driveways, pathways or patio areas. Cobbles bring rustic charm with an old world aesthetic in outdoor settings while remaining durable and weather resistant enough for use all year-round.