Collection: Marble Plates & Bowls

Marble Plates

Marble plates are timeless dining essentials, prized for their luxurious beauty and luxurious appeal. Crafted from top-quality marble, these sleek plates boast smooth surfaces with subtle veining that add an air of sophistication. Ideal for serving appetizers, salads or desserts alike - marble plates elevate dining experiences through natural elegance and versatility!

Stone Bowl

Stone bowls make rustic yet refined additions to kitchen and dining spaces, made from rugged natural stones like granite or limestone. Boasting organic textures, earthy tones, sturdy construction, and organic texture variations that enhance any dish served from them; stone bowls add character and warmth to any culinary presentation!

Marble Bowl

Marble bowls make stunning decorative accents that combine beauty with functionality. Crafted from solid marble blocks, these stunning decorative items boast smooth surfaces, intricate patterns, and luxurious aesthetics that enhance any interior decor scheme. We at DharaJyot Stone Art manufacturer and supplier of marble bowls and plates, have a wide range of collections to suit the interiors so that you can pick a piece as per your choice. Perfect as centerpieces on marble table top, fruit bowls or serving dishes; marble bowls stand out thanks to their timeless elegance and understated glamour!

White Marble Lotus Bowl

White marble lotus bowls are elegant vessels inspired by the beauty and grace of lotuses flowers. Crafted from pure white marble, these vessels showcase intricate lotus petal designs on intricate edges reminiscent of petal petals for added serenity to any space they inhabit. Whie marble looks amazing when it is used for marble inlay table top and floorings. Ideal for holding potpourri or jewelry; white marble lotus bowls add natural elegance and peace into home decor!

Marble Decorative Bowl Plates

Marble decorative bowl plates combine the elegance of marble with practical bowls and plates, providing versatile serving options suitable for any event or celebration. Boasting intricate detailing such as sculptural designs and ornate details, they combine beauty and functionality - ideal for appetizers, desserts or decorative displays alike! When added as serving dishes or decorative accents to any tabletop or display area.

Marble Stone Bowl & Plates Manufacturer 

At Dharajyot Stone Art as a manufacturer, we take great pleasure in offering wholesale marble stone bowls and plates, decorative marble washbasins at wholesale prices to meet the needs of retailers, distributors, and bulk buyers. Each item we create with high-grade marble ensures durability and elegance - we manufacture these items ourselves so as to maintain strict quality control measures as well as pass along cost savings to our customers.

Marble Stone Bowl & Plates Online Supplier

At Dharajyot Stone Art, we take great pleasure in serving as online suppliers of marble stone bowls and plates, also counter top wash basins to provide customers with easy access to these stunning products. Our marble stone bowls and plates are carefully handcrafted from high-grade marble for timeless elegance with exquisite craftsmanship. Bring elegance to your dining table or elevate the presentation of culinary creations; our marble stone bowls and plates can help. Customers shopping through our online platform can browse a vast variety of designs, sizes and finishes that match their tastes perfectly - making us their go-to provider when searching online for marble stone bowls and plates! Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures they find just what they're searching for!