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Stone Fountain

Stone fountains are crafted from natural stones like marble, granite, limestones or other natural stones that  add beauty and tranquility to gardens, courtyards and public places. 

Construction of a stone fountain requires using different kinds of marble and stones that contribute to its aesthetics such as texture, colors and patterns of unique stone claddings like marble. We at DharaJyot Stone Art being the manufacturer and wholesale suppliers in India, have classical and traditional fountain designs as well as contemporary abstract options that provide diverse choices that fit with different landscapes or architectural styles.

Water flow from stone fountains takes various forms, from cascading tiers or spouts, intricately-carved designs or cascading tiers - providing a soothing yet melodious ambiance. Some fountains even incorporate lighting features for enhanced visuals during the day as well as to provide an unforgettable evening atmosphere.

Water Fountain

Water fountains are decorative structures built to emit and circulate water for aesthetic enhancement in outdoor spaces like gardens, parks or public areas. There is a wide range of styles and sizes of fountains on offer - ranging from tabletop fountains to multi-tiered installations - providing visual interest while adding soundscape calming ambience through flowing waters. Water features can serve both practical and ornamental functions; visual interest while creating soothing ambient sounds of flowing waters add visual charm while adding visual interest into these environments.

Fountains may feature various water flow patterns, including cascading, bubbling, spouting or spraying water flows to enhance both visual and auditory experiences. Some fountains even incorporate lighting features for evening viewing enjoyment - adding even further ambience and atmosphere!

There are several types of water fountains designed to provide unique visual and auditory experiences.

Tiered Fountain

Wall Fountain

Cascading Fountain

Statuary Fountain

Birdbath Fountain

Floating Fountain

Modern or Abstract Fountain

Interactive Fountain

Self Contained Fountain

Japanese Garden Fountain

Natural Stone Water Fountain

From a little bowl shaped table fountain to a 20 foot tall home fountain we have stone water fountains of various shapes and sizes. The carved stone creations can bring freshness to your furnished exterior or interior of the house. The fountain will surely complement your house’s internal part or backyard of your home. 

We have a wide range of products in all types of stones. You can choose from a wide assortment of stone wellsprings, marble fountains and rock fountains including huge layered wellsprings, bowl wellsprings, divider wellsprings, bubbling springs, and showering fountains. Make your daily life special and even awe strike your friends or business clients who come to visit you. You would surely appreciate the alleviating sound and unwinding sight of streaming water. The sight would look all the more appealing with lights attached to it.

Decorative Water Fountains

Decorative water fountains are beautiful installations designed to elevate the visual aesthetics of outdoor spaces, gardens or interior environments. Not only are decorative water fountains visually attractive installations; their dual functionality of both decoration and function contributes to adding elegance while often including artistic components in their design.

Water fountains add decorative accents that add flair and ambience to a space, inducing feelings of serenity or sophistication while adding artistic flare. Their versatile designs can fit seamlessly into both traditional gardens as well as urban environments.

Water Fountain Online

We, at DharaJyot Stone Art, manufacture and supply all kind of water fountains online whether they are for outdoor garden fountains and indoor home fountains. We can customize and make water garden fountains or any other landscaping water fountain as per the specific size, shape and requirement. 

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