Collection: Marble Washbasins

Table Top Wash Basin

Nowadays, table top wash basins are the highest in trend due to its stylish look. This type of sink is mounted on top of the countertop or vanity, and not recessed. This type of sink is known for its sleek and contemporary appearance. It adds a touch of modernity to bathrooms. We. DharaJyot Stone Art being the manufacturer of wash basins in India, bathroom & kitchen stone sinks, offers a large variety of table top wash basins in granite, marble, stone in different colors and sizes to suit your interiors.

Counter Top Wash basin

Counter top wash basin is generally installed on the surface of the counter top or vanity in the bathroom. It comes in various sizes, shapes and materials but we, at DharaJyot Stone Art specialize in stone granite and marble wash basins giving a rich and sophisticated look to your interiors. We have a large variety of counter top wash basins so it becomes very easy for  homeowners to select one that complements the overall aesthetic of their bathroom, from sleek contemporary styles to more classic looks.

Marble Wash Basin

Marble wash basin is a type of sinks which are typically handcrafted from one solid piece of marble or granite stone, featuring its uniqueness and pattern having a long lasting and timeless charm.  Marble wash basins come in all sorts of designs and sizes, from classic oval or circular models to more contemporary angular ones. Their smooth surfaces enhance aesthetic appeal as well as making maintenance simpler than ever.

Simply stated, marble washbasins offer luxurious and aesthetically pleasing sinks made of natural marble crafted by skilled artisans for timeless bathrooms looking for that special something extra.

Pedestal Wash Basin

A pedestal wash basin is an elegant and timeless bathroom sink design often seen in classic, timeless bathrooms. Its distinguishing feature lies in its two distinct components - the basin and an extra-high, thin stone pedestal & plinths which holds it. Not only does the pedestal provide support and conceal plumbing lines from view, it creates a classic yet refined aesthetic in your space.

Pedestal wash basins are known for their timeless appeal, making them popular choices in both traditional and contemporary bathroom designs. Their pedestal adds sophistication while their basin often comes equipped with an oval or round form to complete their classic aesthetic.

Black Marble Wash Basin

A black marble wash basin is a stylish and most sophisticated sinks, mainly crafted from the black-colored luxurious and timeless marble. This wash basins comes in various shapes and sizes to meet different bathroom styles. We offer marble wash basins from classic round basins and rectangular vessel sinks to artistic avant-garde designs considering the requirements of the homes. 

In short, black marble wash basins are luxurious and modern sink options, adding both sophistication and drama to the bathroom, marrying timeless beauty with contemporary design aesthetic.

Marble Wash Basin Manufacturers In India

Dharajyot Stone Art offers exquisite marble wash basins, marble plates & bowls designed to elevate any environment. Each wash basin is carefully constructed from premium marble materials for unrivaled craftsmanship that boasts timeless elegance with timeless appeal. No matter where your renovation efforts take you - from updating a bathroom, upgrading a kitchen, or creating an exclusive powder room - our marble wash basins will transform any space into one filled with beauty and sophistication. With our wide range of designs, sizes and finishes to choose from, Dharajyot Stone Art wash basins can meet the specific style and functionality needs of your space - we look forward to becoming part of your process for creating aesthetic value and functional enhancement. Let us be your partner in increasing the aesthetic value and functionality of any space with stunning marble wash basins from Dharajyot Stone Art!

We at DharaJyot Stone Art, have a wide range of designs and styles in our collections. Designs include materials like yellow sandstone, granite black marble, white marble, different colors of marble stone to give shapes like oval, round, square, triangle and styles like counter top, table top, wall mounted, pedestal wash basins to enhance the look of your bathrooms.