Collection: Stone BathTub

Stone Bathtub

A stone bathtub could be­ a majestic centerpie­ce in any luxury bathroom. They're made­ from different kinds of nature-source­d stones like granite stone, limestone, travertine, and marble­, to name a few. Each tub is cut or shaped from a single­ rock. This makes each one unique­ due to the variety of colors and patte­rns found in natural stones. Their exce­llent ability to retain heat me­ans your bath stays warm longer. Additionally, they're rugge­d and will stand the test of time if we­ll-maintained. Most importantly, their organic beauty can transform an e­ntire bathroom into a calm, elegant space­.

Round Stone Bathtub

This is a circular shaped bathtub that is made out of natural stone. Round stone bathtubs are unique as they have large rooms that make for excellent bathing experiences where one can soak themselves entirely in water. These days, the majority of modern bathroom designs include these elements into their overall design as they have multiple uses in a house and should be arranged so that they are both conveniently accessible and visible.

The smooth edges of circular bathtubs alone can make bath time feel like one is having a spa treatment done on his or her body. Even stone bird baths often have round circular shapes for its convenience. 

Natural Stone Bathtub

Without hesitation, the first thing that comes to mind when we discuss natural stone bathtubs, is their link to materials like rocks, among other things. A natural stone is one that hasn't been altered; rather, it's been left in its original state before being taken out by humans. This means that it displays a wide range of colors, textures, patterns, and sizes—all of which are peculiar—and that some types of stone are more likely than others to highlight these features, depending on where the material was originally found. 

Because of their lovely qualities—beautiful, long-lasting, heat-resistant, easily cleanable, highly customizable, and able to give any bathroom a more natural, peaceful, or even rustic look—many homeowners today would prefer to invest heavily in these facilities rather than opting for the less expensive artificial options if they wanted to achieve the same desired look and features.

Marble Bathtub

A marble bathtub is a kind of natural stone bathtub made from marble alone. Known for its elegance, marble has a smooth surface and unique pattern. Typically, a marble bathtub brings luxury to any bathroom space and often serves as the focal point in interior design when it is added with marble bathroom accessories. They come in many different colors such as classic white with grey lines or more vibrant shades like green, pink, or black among others. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, these baths are extremely durable, but they require proper maintenance.

Black Marble Bathtub

A gorgeous bathtub made of black marble is known as a black marble bathtub. This specific type of marble has rich colors and often has strong white or gold lines running through it. A black marble bathtub adds a striking, modern touch of luxury to any bathroom that is difficult to overlook. When added with black marble washbasins in the bath space it gives an effect of a complement to the exclusive looking black marble bathtub. It suits a wide range of styles, from traditional to modern, and adds richness and beauty in the process. It must also be often protected against stains and scratches, among other things, that might take away from its charm, in order to keep it in perfect condition at all times. 

Stone Marble Bathtub for Sale

We have stone marble bathtubs for sale online, so that amazing bathing tubs manufactured from some high quality rocks can be obtained. We do manufacture marble plates and bowls to decor our living and dinning area. Because they are made from excellent marbles, which vary in quality depending on where in the world they were mined, they come in a variety of color colors to match various patterns and sizes. 

Stone Bathtub Manufacturer in India

It is an honor for us to tell you that Dharajyot Stone Art is the best stone bathtub manufacturer in India. We are able to make elegant tubs from many types of stones such as granite, limestone, travertine, and marble. Our tubs are expertly crafted by hand by our skilled artisans who pay close attention to every detail, providing an unmatched beauty along with a guarantee of durability. By combining traditional and modern techniques, we could create durable and incredibly attractive stone baths. With these products, you can transform your regular bathroom into an excellent spa where you enjoy yourself in peace and quiet away from any distractions. Whether you have a taste for the traditional or the modern, we can provide solutions that are customized to your requirements and tastes. 

Marble Bathtub Supplier in India

We take pride in our position as the leading supplier of marble bathtubs in India. At Dharajyot Stone Art, we provide a wide variety of high-quality marble bathtubs that come in different sizes, colors and types to match any taste or design for bathroom fittings like marble soapdish, wash basins, etc. These are made from finest marbles which are known not only for their beauty but also for being strong enough hence lasting longer than other ordinary materials used in making baths. Each bathtub has its own natural design due to the unique patterns found on them. Since we are a renowned firm, all of our marble tubs are subject to high quality and workmanship standards before being sold. We provide full service, from packing to delivery at your home or place of work, so that customers don't have to worry about anything after making a purchase.