Transform Your Space with Gwalior Mint Stone Jali

Transform Your Space with Gwalior Mint Stone Jali

At Dharajyot Stone Art, we are presenting you our latest artistry filled with: The Gwalior Mint Stone Jali. This beautiful piece reflects the modular design by utilizing the renowned Gwalior Mint Stone. The stone is known for its smooth mint hues and fine grain. This stone jali screen design adds a touch of modern sophistication and class to any space.



The journey of the Gwalior Mint Stone starts with the selection of finest blocks of historic quarries of Gwalior. The blocks are carefully evaluated to make sure that they have the ideal color, texture and structural durability and integrity. Once selected, the raw stone is transported to our workshop, where our team applies their skilled craftsmanship and other traditional hand carving techniques to transform the blocks into intricate jail designs. This fine process ensures every jail is a unique masterpiece.

One of the most beautiful and captivating features is the intricate lattice-like designs making it able to not only pass lights but also ventilation while giving the delicate leaf-like patterns cast beautiful shadows while adding a dynamic element to any space. Generally, it is a preferred choice by most homeowners and office themes. Whether used as a room divider or like a feature walls and also used as stone jharokha, these Jalis enhance the aesthetic appeal of every setting it is installed in.



The inbuilt durability and low maintenance in the Gwalior Mint Stone is the most versatile characteristic making it suitable for various applications, be it indoor and outdoor. Therefore, it is suitable for various applications, both indoor and outdoor. The stone’s feature ensures that it stands every kind of weather elements and retains it’s beauty over time. This makes the Gwalior Mint Stone Jali an ideal choice for people looking to incorporate a beatiful decor element which is timeless into their architectural ideas 



Experience the elegance of Dharajyot’s Gwalior Mint Stone Jali, where each piece is hardwork and perseverance to our quality and tradition. By incorporating exquisite Jali, people not only enhance the beauty of the space but also enrich a piece of India’s rich heritage.

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