The Making of our Jaisalmer Sandstone Temple

The Making of our Jaisalmer Sandstone Temple

Dharajyot proudly presents to you a beautiful temple made from Jaisalmer’s very own ‘Yellow Jaisalmer Sandstone’ , a dedication to our cultural heritage.  The natural stone is basically composed of quartz grains composed together with silica and calcium carbonate. Its yellow colour, which varies from pale to bright yellow, is due to the presence of minerals such as iron oxide.



Our journey of sculpting the beautiful stone temple began with selecting the ideal stone. The uniform texture and the grain size of ‘Jaisalmer yellow sandstone’ contains high quartz content making it durable and giving it a beautiful golden colour which is the reason for choosing this particular stone. We envisioned that it would give a positive and impactful look for the deities.



In the next phase, we started working on the base of the temple. The base is enriched with floral detailing and beautiful interlocked patterns inspired by traditional Indian motifs. This detailed sculpting adds smooth and subtle solace to the entire structure. The floral patterns at the base sets a divine welcome of the entire structure.



Stepping ahead, we focused on the shafts that would hold the dome of the temple. The shaft sculpting was one of the primary focuses as it is crucial for the stability and aesthetics of the temple. Our team shaped and sculpted each shaft with intricate patterns detailing out the minimal work of our artisans that would provide a strong foundation for the temple top.

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