Sculpting Nature’s Stone Cold Beauty

Sculpting Nature’s Stone Cold Beauty

The journey of sculpting the wash basin began with selecting the natural boulder stone. The entire Dharajyot team is involved in this process of evaluating and selecting the right stone for its beauty and durability. The stone selection process is the crucial part, as it is the foundation for a final, functional, and beautiful product to be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


After selecting the stone, our entire team began the process of chiselling and giving it shape. The execution process involves using traditional tools and expert hands to carefully carve the perfect shape and size while also embracing nature’s natural irregularities. Our entire team makes sure that each piece it creates maintains its organic feel, producing a classic and timeless look. The project of this wash basin made up of natural boulder stone is unique and classic, reflecting the exact natural beauty of the stone. With this excellent piece of wash basins, we have an amazing collections of marble bathroom accessories to match with.



The conversion of the naked rough stone into a wash basin is a true example of the team effort at Dharajyot, from initial selection to final polishing and touch, making the washbasin look ageless. Presenting you with a glimpse of what nature’s beauty and skilled hands of Dharajyot look like.

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