“Sacred Stones”  Crafting Your Own Tulsi Sanctuary for Spiritual Awakening

“Sacred Stones” Crafting Your Own Tulsi Sanctuary for Spiritual Awakening


Our project of sculpting a Tulsi Kyara from a natural stone was deeply fulfilling and satisfying. It was a task of sculpting the sacredness of Goddess Tulsi from the natural stone. The journey started with a vision of sculpting the pot that would represent the sacredness of our culture and traditions. 



The first step was to select the ideal stone. The stone that would complement Goddess Tulsi. After we found the perfect canvas of stone, the process of building her Asan was just the beginning. 



While sculpting the Tulsi Kyara, our team found extreme solace in each chisel strike giving the rough stone the face of Tulsi Kyara. It was God’s blessing to have worked for them. 



Each carved pattern and motif were delicately and precisely sculpted to reflect the cultural importance of our religion and tradition. Also we do have exclusive designed stone planters for our home. Hence, Team Dharajyot knows the sentiments of the clients, Hence, we poured our expertise in building the pot. 



Some photographs were taken during the early stages of sculpting the Tulsi Kyara showcasing the pot taking shape. As the photos capture the painstaking process involved, it also highlights the Team Dharajyot effort in bringing the vision to life into the Tulsi Kayra vessel. 

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