Bringing the The Perfect Bathroom Centrepiece Home

Bringing the The Perfect Bathroom Centrepiece Home

Dharajyot Stone Art introduces all the latest stunning marble washbasins made up of Bhainslana Black Marble. This new piece exemplifies our dedication and commitment to this beautiful art. The stone is known for its deep, rich colour and unique patterns giving a touch of luxury and sophistication to any setting. Its striking appearance and natural touch make it a perfect choice for those looking to enhance their interior décor.



The Bhainslana Black marble is sourced from the quarries of Rajasthan. The marble is known for its consistent black hue and intricate veining which is white that runs throughout. The journey of sculpting our Bhainslana Black Marble wash basin begins with the ideal selection of the finest marble. Each slab is hand-chosen to meet the high standards of quality and aesthetic appearance. This careful selection process ensures and guarantees that every wash basin we carve is a true work of art that is unique in its pattern and design. 



Sculpting the wash basin involved a combination of traditional stone-carving techniques and modern equipment. Our team shaped the marble into a sleek and elegant form, ensuring that every curve and angle is perfectly carved. The process involved precision cutting, polishing, and smoothing the wash basin to give it the best look it deserved. The deep black colour and the white veins are carefully highlighted and executed making each piece a unique and standout feature in any environment. 



The design of the Bhainslana Black Marble wash basin is both modular and timeless, suitable for a variety of interior themes. The texture is carved smooth and the shape is sculpted into a circular form to give it a bold and dramatic appearance that will serve as a prominent focal point to any setting it is installed. It can be installed in any kind of rustic theme to complement the traditional décor. The originality of black marble ensures that it can be altered to different design preferences providing a urbane touch that enhances the overall installation and ambiance. 



It is more than just a functional bathroom fixture like marble bathroom accessories, it’s a symbol of dedication and hard work from our skilled artisans of Team Dharajyot. Experience the luxury of natural Bhainslana Natural Black marble which will remain a highlight in your home décor.

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