Collection: God Statues & Idols

Marble God Statue

Marble God Statues represent the divine presence of gods and goddesses found within Hindu mythology, made with beautiful marble sculpture. These stone marble statues idols hold timeless beauty as well as spiritual meaning; worshipers can connect to this sacred energy by asking their gods for protection, blessings and guidance towards peace and prosperity.

God Idols

God idols made from materials such as marble, granite, natural stones are sacred representations of deities worshiped across various religious traditions. Devout followers use god idols as focal points for prayer and worship services and seek blessings from their divine for guidance, protection and spiritual fulfillment in life. We at DharaJyot Stone Art, manufacturer and supplier of God Statue and supplier in India, has a great variety of designs and sizes available.

Ganesh Stone Statue

Lord Ganesh, also known as Lord Ganapathi, represents success, fortune and the removal of obstacles. DharaJyot have well experienced artisans to carve the statues and idols with each detailing. In our collection we have different sizes and designs for Lord Ganesha statue and idols, where you can select as per your personal choice and need. 

Each Ganesh stone statue is carefully and lovingly hand-carved by skilled artisans with great attention paid to detail and reverence for the divine. Every aspect of his statue embodies Lord Ganesha's divine qualities - from its delicate trunk curve to intricate ornamentation on his body - showing him at his best!

Radha Krishna Stone Statue

Radha Krishna stone statues capture the romance, devotion and divine romance shared between Lord Krishna and Radha through exquisite marble or sandstone craftsmanship that brings beauty and grace. Worshippers can experience first-hand what divine love between these figures truly feels like! Essentially they enable worshippers to immerse themselves into it all!

Crafted by skilled artisans with meticulous detail, Radha Krishna stone statues exude grace, beauty, and spirituality. Every facet of their design encapsulates Radha and Krishna's divine attributes as partners in life and love.

Hanuman Stone Statue

Hanuman stone statues are powerful representations of Lord Hanuman, an esteemed Hindu deity known for his unfailing devotion, strength, and loyalty.

Crafted by master artisans with great attention to detail, Hanuman stone statues depict him in various poses and expressions to symbolize his courage, determination, divine qualities and dedication to Lord Rama. Each detail captures Hanuman's essence of character as well as devotion. From muscular physique to serene features on his face - each aspect captures Hanuman's character and dedication towards Lord Rama.

Lord Shiva with Nandi Stone Statue

Lord Shiva with Nandi stone statues beautifully capture the sacred relationship between Lord Shiva, Hinduism's supreme deity, and his faithful mount Nandi. Crafted with intricate detail using materials like marble or sandstone, these statues evoke serenity while exuding power - inviting worshippers to connect with both cosmic energy of Lord Shiva as well as his unwavering loyalty embodied by Nandi.

Goddess Stone Statue

A Goddess stone statue symbolizes the divine feminine element worshipped across various cultures and religions, representing grace, strength, nurturing and support. Constructed of marble or granite material these statues feature goddesses from mythology that inspire devotional practices by inviting devotees to seek protection, abundance and guidance from this source of protection, strength and guidance from this divine energy source.

Indian God Stone Statue

An Indian God stone statue depicting Hindu deities is an impressive way of celebrating their pantheon and invoking their blessing for prosperity, wisdom and spiritual fulfillment. Made out of materials like marble or sandstone with intricate detail for greater visual effect. Worshippers find comfort and guidance from these statues while cultivating devotion towards these divine beings through worshipping these statues with deep devotion - these inspiring statues remind them to cultivate devotion toward gods by seeking blessings from them for prosperity wisdom and spiritual fulfilment from them all!