The Unique Beauty of Gwalior Mint Sandstone

The Unique Beauty of Gwalior Mint Sandstone

We are Introducing our latest addition to our wide collection, a wash basin that breaks the architecture and execution of conventional design. Sculpted from the exquisite Gwalior Mint sandstone, this wash basin incorporates a perfect blend of nature's beauty and contemporary artistry. Unlike traditional symmetrical wash basins, this rectangular 3D wash basin is unique on its own with detailed craftsmanship. 



Gwalior Mint sandstone also known as Mint Natural Stone or Gwalior Greenish White is a beautiful natural stone. It has a cream-colored surface, intertwined with mint-colored textures adding a touch of elegant artistry to any setting.  This stone is extracted from the quarries of Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh. Known for its durability, strength and ease of maintenance. Due to its outstanding physical and chemical properties, Gwalior Mint Stone is a very prominent and preferred choice for homeowners, decorators, and architects worldwide for a variety of applications which includes paving stones, flooring, wall lining, handicrafts, patio décor, and washrooms.

The vision for this unconventional wash basin was picturized by our architect in the left photo while our team has executed the replica of the visioned 3D model, the act making it truly drawing eyes and inviting touch. The vision was brought to life through precise and painstaking execution ensuring that the final product not only met but exceeded expectations.  



To achieve the desired asymmetry, our team translated the architect’s vision carefully by sculpting the beautiful Gwalior Mint. The process included advanced cutting techniques and a keen eye for detail ensuring the basin’s form becomes both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The stone’s ease of carving allowed maximum customization, making it possible to achieve the desired look making it truly unique. The stone’s versatility was fully availed and utilized to enhance the basin’s look which included polished to natural texture and cutting and smoothing. 

One of the standout features of this particular green mint wash basin is its three-dimensional form. The different depths and angles create a dynamic visual effect making it the centre point in any setting it is installed in. The non-symmetrical design not only enhances the usability but it gives an ergonomic experience to any user. The natural characteristic of this Green mint sandstone is not only visually delightful but also is a lasting addition fixture to any place. 

This wash basin made up of Gwalior Mint Stone is an example of innovative design and expert skilled hands at Dharajyot Stone Art. It challenges the regular norms of any washroom fixtures like  making it truly an artistic and utilitarian piece. The combination of the stone’s exotic properties and skilled execution makes it a remarkable addition.


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