“Tale of Handcrafted Sandstone Lamps”

“Tale of Handcrafted Sandstone Lamps”

A beautiful home is made with love! Love in every brick and stone. Dharajyot’s stone garden pillar lamps are one of them for our beloved customers. Made with beige sandstone, evoking a blend of aesthetics and classicism. 



The team selects each piece of sandstone for its warm hues and durable quality, ensuring that whatever the weather, the lamps stand evergreen, carrying the unique feature. This timeless material of stone became the perfect material for our artisans to carve and shape into a beautiful pole lamp. Chiseling and shaping our stone lamps begins with the selection of the sandstone, which is mainly beige in colour, specifically aiming to enhance any space with rustic beauty. Additionally, it was chosen for its natural warmth and durability. Our team handpicked this beautiful stone for its distinct characteristics and colour variations, featuring an ageless texture.



The entire team at Dharajyot used traditional carving techniques and modern tools to sculpt the sandstone into sleek patterns. Whether it is made for a classic outdoor space or a contemporary space, our lamps are designed to enlighten the space with classic charm and sophistication. We make sure the Beige sandstone lamps by Dharajyot are a statement piece for any kind of environment in which they are present. While the lamps were highly appreciated by our customers for creating an ambience of tranquillity and beauty, we made sure the pieces lit up every place as cherished additions to any decor scheme.



It’s Time to Welcome Home, the handpicked and handmade craftsmanship by Dharajyot, aligning with nature’s wonder, sandstone-made pieces that will add warmth and charm to your home and outdoor spaces. 

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