Elegance of Banswara White Marble

Elegance of Banswara White Marble


Dharajyot's latest project of white cylindrical tall marble washbasin is made from Banswara White Marble (also known as Indian Statuario Marble). The white stone defines luxury and classicism. The Banswara Stone hails from Banswara District of Rajasthan, the name which makes it quite evident. It features a pristine white base with branch-like grey veins running in all directions giving it a beautiful pattern. The combination of the veins in the white surface gives a minimalist impact adding sophistication and simple & subtle appearance to any bathroom.



The selection of Banswara White Marble for this washbasin is chosen for its exceptional properties. It’s known for its durability and faultless beauty, this marble wears a semi-gloss finish that enhances its natural appeal. The soft branching veining pattern gives the basin a unique character making sure no piece looks alike. While, also the semi gloss finish gives an attractive look for accentuating specific areas of your home



Our team of skilled artisans shaped the marble into a long sleek cylindrical form that maximized the visual impact and its usage. The flawless finish highlights the marble’s inherent features and beauty. Whether it’s installed in a modular washroom or in a traditional environment, this particular piece will enhance every space with its refined charm. With this we do have marble bathroom accessories which will definitely enhance the bathroom decor.



Dharajyot’s Banswara White Marble wash basin is more than just a home decor; it is a symbol of inherent wonder and beautiful craftsmanship. Give your home the subtle look of evergreen charismatic beauty that never fades. Transform your space with the chic wash basin and experience the unmatched quality that Dharajyot gives to every project.

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