Rainbow Sandstone

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Rainbow Sandstone

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100% natural material 


Garden, Hotel, Home, Complex Decoration, Wall Cladding, Wall Panel, Project Work

Finish / Carving

Hand Work, Machine Work



Or As Per Customer Requirement, Customized


Western, Modern, Indian, American, European, Traditional


We can take orders according to photo or drawing from Clients.


Having our own factory

100% natural and high grade material

A great deal of experience in producing Mosaics.

Very reasonable price

High quality

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Outer in strong fumigant wooden crate, inner in Corrugated Box.

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7 To 35 days or as per required quantity 

Rainbow Sandstone as the name suggests is a stone that will have varied colours just like a rainbow. They have fine grained quartz in them and they have  vivid color combinations of violet, brown and red color quartz grains which are common in them. However they can also have yellow, white and grey colour grains. They are also known in the subcontinent by the name Khatu .

They are best to use for low budget flooring and cladding building material.  Rainbow sawn sandstone in all because it provides unique designs and color features that will not be able to be found in any other rock form. The Sawn one especially have handpicked distinctive colors carefully sawn together so that a precise finish can be achieved. This will change the raw surface into smooth ones which will help in the installation of the tiles better. They are available in slab form because of this which also aids their installation.


They are installed by laying it on a wet sand and cement bed which ensures good adhesive and strong bond. It is very important to check that there are no spots or dabs which have weak spots otherwise there would be chances that they would pop out or would crack. The cost of fitting them would be high and in future it will also be difficult to get the same design of sandstones so it is very important to take precautions at the time of installation.

 Since these Indian Rainbow sandstones are mounted in your courtyard and exterior part of the house special care needs to be taken about cleaning. Special care needs to be taken that the tiles or slabs are not stained. Moreover since these tiles get sunlight all the time there are also chances that the beauty and the durability gets hampered due to moss, lichen or fungal growth. One should make sure that the tiles are cleaned on a regular basis with no water remaining stagnant on the tiles to avoid stain marks and fungal growths on them


You can talk to the Rainbow Sandstone Supplier or with manufacturer and choose the best one. When it comes to colour combinations or the design you cannot get a better option than from the place itself where it is made which is in the subcontinent. India is amongst the major producer of raw stone material and the sectors is fairly well established in Indian Southern states like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu as well as in Western states of India like in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Due to its availability in large extent these sandstones are also changed into finished goods here so they are also known as Rainbow Indian Sandstone. The construction industry as well as people related to building work in not only India but also all around the world demand for these tiles. There is a high requirement of them in European countries as well as in Australia, United States and Canada. In the cities like Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania or Glen Oaks, New York which have a high population of NRIS they are widely. The reason for them being so popular is that they are a value for money tiles and more durable as compared to other natural stones. This is the main reason we being leading Wholesale Indian Rainbow Stone Supplier in bulk ships our product to US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and many more. We even focus on price and make sure out customer good quality Rainbow Stone at cheap and low price.

 You can handpick the best ones with various cutting edge finishes like swan which means that all the sides are polished well or honed form i.e. keeping one side of the edges rough to suit the ambience. This will give a shine in the sunlight. You can also go for rock face finish which is chiselled by hand or machine in order to give a convex and bold projection on the face of them. If you want to give your veranda and the stairs a curve which will beautify the look you can try bull nose edge finishing. You can also go for a calibrated look to give the sandstone a leaner look. Tumbled finish can be a good alternative if you a want a soft and smoothed finish to your sandstone. You can also try hose edges and arid edges finish.

 Although there are a number of Rainbow Sandstone Supplier in India and abroad there are a very few of them who consider external home decoration beautification as an artistically as Dharajyotstone art does. We do a research on your interior designing and help you in cherry-picking the right stone that will work best for your exterior on that basis. We take special care during the installation so that they are installed in the perfect way and you can sit back and not worry about the durability. We also have a good after sales service which means that you can contact us even after the installation if you have any issues, we will try to resolve your queries as much as we can. We not only deal in artistic stone tiles but also garden beautification like garden benches.

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