Delivery Policy

Shopping with Dharajyot Stone Art is even easy due to hassle free shipping

(1) Methods of delivery

Depending upon your location, the shipping method will be decided.

For example:

1. Delivery in Surat - Our executive will visit and deliver the product

2. Delivery in India - We might use a shipping company (BlueDart / FedEx / Delhivery) for shipping or as per the weight of the product we might use transport for delivery.

3. International Delivery - As per the sizes and the total weight of the order with packing we will decide to ship via LCL or FLC and will update you accordingly with all the necessary documents for tracking. 

(3) Places of delivery

Will you deliver anywhere in the world (the Outer Hebrides, Timbuktu & Antarctica) or to a more limited range of destinations.

(4) Delivery charges

Delivery charges will vary as per the weight of the order with packing.

For example:

1. Delivery in Surat - Flat delivery charges (10% of the order value).

2. Delivery in India - Charges vary as per the use of company, transport is cheaper as compared to DHL / FedEx / Delhivery / etc.

3. International Delivery - We look forward to our shipping agent for shipping charges (FOB charges, Freight, Insurance, Clearance, Door Delivery) depending upon the terms of the order. 

(5) Problems

Problems associated with the delivery of products - whether caused by the seller, buyer or another person - can be dealt with either in T&Cs of sale or a legally-enforceable delivery policy.

(6) Tracking

Tracking details are updated and informed to you as soon as the package ships and leave the factory.

For example:

1. Delivery in Surat - No tracking required.

2. Delivery in India - We will provide you the tracking number or the transport details for pick-up.

3. International Delivery - We will provide you the B/L, Vessel Details, Container Details, Sailing Schedule, etc.