• Hand Carved Unique American Bench

Hand Carved Unique American Bench

  • INR140,000 Per Piece

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The Hand Carved Unique American Bench from Dharajyot Stone Art is a simple garden Bench. Hand Carved Unique American Bench has been designed for use with the marble scrolled Bench supports. The Hand Carved Unique American Bench is perfect for Terraces, Courtyards and Gardens.

This Hand Carved Unique American Bench by Dharajyot Stone Art is made in Bidasar Marble available in Green, Gold and Brown colour.

For dimensions of this garden seat for terraces, courtyards and gardens, please see below.

It is essential that your Dharajyot Stone Art seat or table is sited on a firm and level area. Although the top is 
reinforced, it may crack if subjected to a pivoting or twisting strain. An 8 to 1 sand / cement bedding mortar must be used to ensure that each support bears an equal weight. The properties of this mixture give a secure hold that can be broken without difficulty if the seat has to be re-sited. We cannot accept responsibility for breakage if this instruction is ignored. 

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